Rainbows report by XXX


Hi! My name is XXX.  I am in a Rainbows group in my primary school and I am going to tell you about my experience.  I am in Rainbows now for two years.  My mam died when I was ten. At first I didn’t know what to do but when I joined Rainbows I met lots of other children who were going through difficult times in their lives too especially two people who had also lost a parent. It helped me a lot when we talked about it. I would recommend it to any child to give it a go if they have worries. It helped put a smile back on my face.


Rainbows was run this year by Ms XXX in room 12 on Tuesdays. Rainbows is a club in our school that helps kids who are grieving. Some of us are suffering from a bereavement where a loved one has died. Some of us come to Rainbows because our parents are separating or divorcing. Rainbows helps us because we realise that we are not alone and other children are going through similar difficulties in their lives. We talk to each other about our worries and help each other through the tough times.


Here are some quotes from Rainbows members:

“Rainbows is a place where you can relax and share your feelings” – Emma

“Rainbows club is a great way to share your worries with people who have the same problem” –Justina

“Rainbows helps me get through tough days” –Ciara

“Rainbows helps me with my life” –Jennifer

“Rainbows is somewhere I can talk to people I trust and they help me. We have great fun too”.-  Peter

“My Rainbows group is always there for me” –Megan

Every week we discuss things that have happened in our lives.