Become A Programme Centre

Become a Programme Centre

Many schools and community centres set up as a Rainbows Centre.

Rainbows can only be set up and take place when it is requested by a Centre Management Body (e.g. a Board of Management).

Rainbows Ireland is an Interagency service and does not itself recruit volunteers.

Agencies such as schools, family resource centres, family life centres and youth projects must apply to Rainbows Ireland to become a Centre and recruit volunteers at their agency.

The Centre Director (manager at a centre who reports to Board of Management) must first attend a Centre Director Information meeting.

This meeting is essential to informing Boards of Management of their roles and responsibilities and to the running of the Rainbows Programme at their centre.

The Centre Management Body must have specific insurances and agree to the terms and conditions of delivering the Rainbows programme.

It is suggested that centres recruit at least 4 volunteers to train for Rainbows.

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