Rainbows Training Programmes are for new Volunteer Facilitators & Site Coordinators.

During the Rainbows training we ask prospective volunteers to consider their own experience of loss. Generally speaking, our training is not usually suited to anyone who has suffered a recent, significant personal loss or bereavement.

Facilitator training

Applications for Facilitator training should include the following forms from the Rainbows Volunteer Policy Document

  1. Facilitator Training Request form (signed by Site Administrator)
  2. Garda Vetting Form
  3. €80

Important notes

  • Applications must be sent to the National Office before the start of the training programme.
  • Rainbows has now introduced a new E-learning modules on bereavement and loss in order to develop and enhance facilitator training. You will be forwarded log-in details when you have completed training The modules take approximately four hours to complete.

Garda vetting

  • Please note that Rainbows Volunteers cannot commence a Programme without clearance by the Rainbows garda vetting system. However, attendance at Facilitator training is permitted while garda vetting is pending. Please note that the Garda Central Vetting Unit will not process forms that are more than six months old and that they will not accept photocopied or faxed forms.
  • It is currently taking up to three months for the Garda Central Vetting Unit (GCVU) to process garda vetting forms. It forms are completed incorrectly the process can take a lot longer. In order to avoid delays, please refer to this checklist.

Administration of Facilitator applications

  • All new Volunteers must be recruited and selected for training by the Site Administrator acting on behalf of the Site Management Body, they are joining. Each new Volunteer must read the Volunteer Policy Document and complete all the required forms contained within.
  • The Facilitator Training Request form, signed by the Site Administrator, and the garda vetting form must be sent to the Rainbows National office with the €80 fee.
  • The remaining forms in the Volunteer Document are retained at the site by the Site Coordinator for Site records.
  • The Volunteer Policy Document is available from our ‘Downloads’ page – see under ‘Resources’ on the main menu or click here.
  • If you are setting up a new Site please refer to the Setting up a Site section of our website.
  • Please note that full attendance is required for the duration of the training. Leaving early will not qualify you for an attendance certificate.
  • Please let us know as soon as possible if you will be unable to attend Rainbows training as the demand for training is very high and we always have waiting lists. Training payments will be non-refundable if less than 72 hours notice of non-attendance or cancellation is provided.

Prism and Sunbeams programmes

  • The Prism programme is not currently available for delivery by Rainbows facilitators.
  • Sunbeams: Please note that only experienced Facilitators (facilitated at least two Rainbows programmes) can undertake Sunbeams programmes. Sunbeams Facilitators must also have previous professional experience of working with young children.
  • Sites need to complete an additional, separate registration to deliver Sunbeams.

Click here for training dates. The list will be updated as more training dates are added. Please note that refreshments and a lunch will be provided on the long day of Facilitator training.

Coordinator Training

There are two categories of Rainbows Coordinator training:

  1. Coordinator training for volunteers who will be attending a Facilitator training session from the list below, i.e. very recently trained Rainbows volunteers. Information about this category of Coordinator training is provided within the Facilitator training information below. (Please note that Coordinators in this category should also complete a Facilitators Training Request form).
  2. Coordinator training for fully accredited Rainbows Facilitators who will be taking on the role of Coordinator for Rainbows sites.

To apply for Coordinator Training, a Coordinator Training Request Form must be completed by the Site Administrator and submitted in advance of the training. Click here to download the form.

Click here for training dates.