Dear Parent,

If you have clicked to this page, we would like to acknowledge that you are perhaps considering the Rainbows programme for your child.

We welcome any parent or guardian to the Rainbows Website!

We especially welcome the opportunity for you to explore and inform yourself of the programme, the service in general and the benefit attending the programme can be for a child who is experiencing bereavement or change in the family through parental separation or divorce.

As a parent or guardian, it may be a time of change and struggle for you also. You may feel you want to protect your child and thus not talk about what has happened.

However, children do know and feel acutely and deeply when significant loss and change has occurred. Very often children are afraid of further upsetting a parent or they do not have the words to say how they feel or what they think. Children regularly struggle to make sense of what has happened and are often isolated within a family, as that family seeks to protect them and struggle with their own grief and loss.

In Rainbows, children often think coming to the programme  that they are they only one or the only family that this has happened to! Children particularly experiencing family breakup are very often trying to keep this a secret from friends and school friends. The relief and understanding that comes for children meeting others in the same situation can be overwhelming and so reassuring for a child!

We invite you to read the Parent Leaflet for a summary of the Rainbows Programme and service for your general information. More detailed information is available throughout this website.

Rainbows deeply acknowledges parents that have recognised that their children may need someone to talk to! We ask you to read the information on this website carefully and consider giving your child a similar opportunity!

We sincerely invite your feedback if your child attends the programme or if you have any thoughts or comments.