Responsibilities of local Site Management Bodies of Rainbows Sites

The Board of Management appoints a Site Administrator to act on behalf of the Board of Management and undertake responsibility for the following:


Recruitment of the volunteers – coordinators and facilitators


Integrity of Rainbows programmes at the Site.

Child protection

  • All agencies undertaking the Rainbows Programme must adhere to the Child Protection Policy of the agency which must be in accordance with Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children
  • Any disclosure or welfare issue arising from the delivery of the Rainbows programme is reported to the Site D.L.P. and is the responsibility of the Site’s D.L.P.


Any agency undertaking the Rainbows programmes is the body “responsible” for volunteers as individuals, e.g. “It is the responsibility of all individual Rainbows Programmes to have an adequate level of insurance in place to cover all volunteers working on their site in any capacity, including facilitators and co-ordinators of Rainbows programmes, and the children attending. Public liability, Employer’s Liability, and Professional Indemnity are required by the Board of Management undertaking the Rainbows Programme. Rainbows must be listed as an activity on the insurance policy of the Site.  It must be recorded annually in the minutes of a Board of Management meeting that the Rainbows Programme is being undertaken each year.

Rainbows Ireland as a National Organisation hold with Allianz Insurances:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance.

These insurances cover the policies, procedures and guidelines of Rainbows, the programmes, materials, training, administration and the office.

For the avoidance of doubt, the responsibility for delivery and operation of the Rainbows programmes rests with the Management Board / Committee of the site and not with Rainbows Ireland.


All financial records are managed by the Coordinator. This means making sure that all records, including records of funds raised and/or grant-aid, are accounted and receipted.  (The National Office will supply details of how grant-aid can be accessed.) At present, each Rainbows programme is grant aided by the Family Support Agency. Financial reports shall be provided to Rainbows Ireland as may be required or requested at any time. Financial reports should accompany the annual report submitted to the Board of Management.

Garda Vetting for Rainbows Volunteers

Separate Garda Vetting is needed for the work of Rainbows, irrespective of other clearances a Volunteer may have.  All Volunteers must have Rainbows Garda Vetting before commencement of a Programme. All Rainbows volunteers are processed through the Rainbows National Office on the official Rainbows Garda Vetting Application Form. All must have separate Garda Vetting for Rainbows.