Rainbows Ireland

The National Office was established in 1997 in Loreto Centre, Crumlin Road, Dublin, to handle the overall administration of Rainbows in Ireland.

The office is the central administration for all matters in relation to Rainbows Ireland.

Staff includes:

  • 2 full-time – Rainbows National Director and Office Administrator
  • 1 part-time – Office Administrator

The Rainbows Programme is delivered in a partnership with schools, family resource centres, youth projects, other agencies.
Rainbows Ireland provides the training, resources and structure needed to establish support groups in local communities where the need has been identified.

Rainbows Ireland (the National Office) is responsible for

  • Procedures, policies, Best Practice Guidelines and structure
  • Training of volunteers
  • Programmes and resources
  • Support to Rainbows Sites
  • Ongoing monitoring, development and Continuous Professional Development
  • Insurance