What Rainbows offers

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    • Helps a child to engage with their own individual grief journey – to identify, name, understand, express and share their feelings
    • Provides a safe setting to tell and retell feelings and thoughts with trained listeners
    • Supports Participants to come to terms with loss and to integrate and adapt to loss in their lives
    • Allows children to have a shared experience and identification with others’ feelings… “I’m not the only one
    • Acknowledges grief and loss – it’s ok to be sad
    • Supports the rebuilding of self-esteem, trust, confidence and resilience
    • Promotes emotional growth and a pathway to positive mental health
    • Provides a model of coping and support for the future life of a child
    • Contributes to family functioning at a time of stress and difficult

What Rainbows is not

It is increasingly clear that there is a shortage of children’s services at present in local communities. Rainbows can sometimes be perceived by others struggling to locate services on behalf of children and young people as a ‘One Size Fits All’ service – better than nothing at all in an area where services are not available.

However, Rainbows is a limited voluntary service.  It is not therapy, professional counselling or clinical professional support (If a child is attending other professional services permission must be sought for them to attend Rainbows).

Rainbows is a listening service for children and young people struggling to come to terms with significant loss and change in their lives.

Rainbows does not

    • analyse or diagnose emotional or behavioural problems
    • give advice or attempt to solve problems
    • give opinions, pass comment, make judgements, take sides or criticise
    • give reports, take notes, give feedback or evidence, except as laid down by Child Protection Procedures

Duty of Care and Rainbows

  • It is the policy under Duty of Care of Rainbows, that Site Coordinators will inform a parent/guardian of any concerns.  The Rainbows programme may not meet the needs of a Participant at a particular time. The Rainbows Site Coordinators will inform a parent/guardian if it felt that the programme is not meeting the needs of a Participant at this time.  It would be suggested to parents to consult with the local GP.
  • If a Participant displays on-going disruptive behaviour, indicating that the programme is not meeting the needs of a Participant at that time, the Rainbows Site Coordinator will apply the policy and procedures as set down by Rainbows Ireland.