Our Volunteers


Rainbows Ireland does not recruit volunteers.

Agencies such as schools, family resource centres, family life centres and youth projects apply to Rainbows Ireland to become accredited to deliver the Rainbows programme under specific policies and procedures.

Those agencies, when accredited by Rainbows Ireland,  are responsible for the recruitment of the volunteers to be trained by Rainbows Ireland to deliver the Rainbows programme as set down under the policies and cleared by procedures of Rainbows Ireland.

Volunteers traditionally come from frontline services meeting and identifying the needs of children and young people experiencing significant grief and loss resulting from family bereavement, parental separation and divorce.

Volunteers can only be recruited from within a management structure to deliver the programme at the Rainbows site for which they were recruited.Volunteers cannot train and deliver the Rainbows programme as a sole operator or act in any freelance capacity.

Please be aware that many agencies delivering the Rainbows programme recruit volunteers from within their own staff only. This applies to schools in particular.

Please click here to identify non-school Rainbows Sites that you may wish to approach to ask if they need additional Facilitators and if they would consider your application to become a Rainbows Facilitator at that Rainbows Site.

All volunteers are required to complete a Rainbows Volunteer Policy Document and submit the application to the Site Administrator (the school principal or manager at a Rainbows site) of a Rainbows programme for recruitment and selection. This process includes an interview when references are checked and verified.

The Rainbows Volunteer Policy Document also provides a general induction to the role and responsibilities of being a Rainbows Volunteer. This should be carefully read and considered in conjunction with the Rainbows Ireland website.

Why do you want to become a Volunteer in Rainbows?

The motivation of a Rainbows Volunteer is central to the recruitment and selection process.

There is a responsibility on all those thinking of applying to become a Rainbows Volunteer to seriously consider exactly what your motivation is.

If, as a Volunteer, having informed yourself of the work of Rainbows, you feel you can make a difference in a child’s life… we would love to have you on board!!

However, please consider some reasons NOT to become a Rainbows Volunteer:

    • It would be good because of having experienced bereavement/loss
    • It would really benefit my career/CV
    • There is nothing else to do with my time
    • It is part of my job and I am required to do it
    • My manager/principal wants me to do it
    • If I am a Rainbows Volunteer it will impress my manager/principal
    • It will help with my being made permanent
    • I will know how to help and what to say to my family/friends/work colleagues
    • Because my friend is a Volunteer
    • I am training to be a counsellor/therapist and it will enhance my training and work

Requirements for Volunteers


    • At recruitment Volunteers sign a commitment to deliver the programme over two years.
    • All Volunteers are required to have been cleared by Garda Vetting before delivering a Rainbows Programme even if the Volunteer holds Garda Clearance for another role.
    • All Volunteers must have attended Rainbows Training.
    • All volunteers adhere strictly to all Codes of Best Practice Guidelines set down by Rainbows Ireland.
    • All volunteers adhere strictly to the Child Protection Policy of a Rainbows Site as set in Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children (2011).
    • All Volunteers are required to be fully aware of their role and responsibility to the Child Protection Policy of the Rainbows Site.
    • All Volunteers are required to attend ongoing training as part of continuing professional development.
    • All Volunteers have a responsibility to keep up to date and adhere to all policies and procedures as reviewed and revised by Rainbows Ireland on an ongoing basis.