Weekly meeting topics

Rainbows groups meet over a 12-14 week period and the following topics are covered:

Week 1 – One of a Kind, Me – Myself

Children need to understand they are important and and specialRainbows journal

Week 2 – Inside Out, Feelings

Children need to know that we all have feelings, that they are natural and part of who they are. Feelings are neither right nor wrong, they just are

Week 3 – Why my Family? Blame, Guilt, Shame

Children need to be able to talk about their feelings without fear of upsetting close family. Children often blame themselves. They need to understand that the loss is not their fault

Week 4 – Making the pieces fit, Coping Skills

It is important for children to understand that change can be difficult and that confusion, fear and worries are natural

Week 5 – Blow ups and let downs, Anger and Hurt, Coping Skills

Children need to understand that sometimes, it is normal to be angry. Anger needs to be expressed in an appropriate way

Week 6 – Facing fears and worries, Anger and Hurt

Children need to be assisted to talk about their fears and worries. Note – Some programmes have a short Celebrate me Session at this point

Week 7 – We are a family, Families are all different

When a significant change happens in a family, children need to be offered support to understand their new family structure. When the family has changed ,children regularly think they are no longer a family.

Week 8 – Where do I fit in? Belonging, Who am I now?

Children need to be supported to re- establish a sense of security and trust when the family structure changes

Week 9 – The Stepfamily

Stepfamilies may have different concerns, issues, challenges and possibilities. Children need understanding and support to adjust and adapt

Week 10 – Endings and Beginnings

Acceptance, adjustment, adaptation and integration – Change is difficult, goodbyes are hard. Telling and retelling their feelings will support children to begin to adjust and integrate change into their lives

Week 11 – Weathering the storm

Adapting, Integrating to change – Children need to learn new ways of coping that will help them to grow and mature from difficult experiences

Week 12 – Reaching out to others

Living with change, remembering – Group peer support allows children to reach out and identify with others in a similar situation

Final Session – Celebrate me Session

Parent/guardian may be invited. This session reflects on the Rainbows journey and brings that journey to a close. It is not about Letting go! Moving on! Forgiving! A Party!

It is a reflection on the meaning of the programme – learning to integrate significant changes and loss into a life that is seeking to adapt to a life that has changed. It is not forgetting but also remembering within a new context.  It is supporting children and young people to make new meanings in their changed world and to face that new life with confidence, self-esteem and resilience!

The final session extends an invitation to return to the programme at another time.