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Bereavement Support

Support for children with bereavement, scroll over the text below to select link of your choice, you will be redirected from our site.


“I Miss You” A First Look at Death by Pat Thomas

The Secret C – A Straight talking book on Cancer 

Online Articles for Children: 

Preparing a child for loss

Children’s Grief Irish Hospice Foundation

Adolescent Grief- Irish Hospice Foundation

Talking to Children about Cancer- Irish Cancer Society

Irish Childhood Bereavement – Families

Irish Childhood Bereavement – Children and Grief

Irish Childhood Bereavement – Supporting a child at a time of death

Preparing children for loss- Winstons Wish

Factsheets for Parents- Irish Childhood Bereavement Network (ICBN)

How to Help a Grieving Child– The Dougy Centre

Ten Ways to Help Grieving Children– The Amelia Centre

Ten Things Grieving Children Want You to Know

Sudden Death

Barnardos Resources

Barnardos have a host of resources and downloadable eBooks that can support you and your child after a bereavement.

For a full list of their bereavement resources click here.


Supports for Teachers and Professionals


Online Articles for Adolescents:

How to Help a Grieving Teen- The Dougy Centre

Teenager supports -A guide for supporting teenagers

Children and Tragic Bereavements:

Irish Childhood Bereavement – Talking with Children about tragic incidents

Children and an anticipated bereavement:

Irish Childhood Bereavement – Support children before a death


The Amelia Centre has a host of resources for families, schools and other professionals that may be useful.

The Centre For Grieving Children has some helpful articles

Mesothelioma Cancer information