Approximately one in every ten marriages ends in separation or divorce, in Ireland.
That might seem high, but it is actually the lowest rate of separation and divorce in Europe and the third lowest in the world.
94,924 The number of men who were separated or divorced (CSO 2016)
127,149 The number of women who were separated or divorced (CSO 2016)
Divorce: 87,770 in 2011 to 103,895 in 2016, an increase of 16,125 persons. (CSO 2016)
Separation: 116,194 in 2011 to 118,178 in 2016 (CSO 2016)
Informal separations: There is no statistical evidence on the number

Rainbows Statistics

On average, 2,800 children access Rainbows Ireland support. They are supported by over 2,500 trained volunteers.
Up to 820 children received Bereavement from Rainbows Ireland.  While up to 1800 received support following Parental Separation /Divorce:
On average, National Office receives up to 25 calls a day seeking information re Rainbows programme availability.

Separation Programme

The weekly topics for the Separation Programme are:
• Week 1: Getting to Know you
• Week 2: Feelings
• Week 3. All kinds of Families
• Week 4. Changing and Adapting
• Week 5 Anger
• Week 6 Big Feelings
• Week 7 Support 1
• Week 8 Coping 2
• Week 9 Closing