Members Section

Coordinator start up support, guidelines and material lists


In this section you will find a number of helpful documents to support you as Coordinator in setting up the programme. We have also included guidelines for various scenarios. Please download and read all documents.

Updated documents and PowerPoint for Parent Information meetings will be uploaded here in September 2019. 

Simply click/hoover your mouse over the first few words on the list below and you will notice they turn green- you can download, print or save all the documents.

  1. Getting Started 
  2. Talking with Parents and Guardians Guidelines 
  3. Letter requesting Parental Consent 
  4. Siblings in Rainbows – Guidelines Form (Jan 2020)
  5. Guidelines for Siblings in a Rainbows Programme
  6. Guidelines for Needs Not Being Met in a Group
  7. Guidelines for Children Attending Another Service
  8. Code of Practice for Facilitators
  9. Code of Practice for Coordinators
  10. Co- Facilitator Contract
  11. Guidelines on holding Formation Meetings
  12. Guidelines on holding Debriefing Meetings
  13. Data Retention Periods -it is good practice to store all records pertaining to any one programme that run in an envelope with the year marked on it. This should then be stored with the Centre Director.
  14. Bereavement Programme Level 1 – Weekly Materials Breakdown
  15. Bereavement Programme Level 2 – Weekly Materials Breakdown
  16. Bereavement Programme Level 3 – Weekly Materials Breakdown
  17. Separation Programme Level 1 – Weekly Materials Breakdown
  18. Separation Programme Level 2 -Weekly Materials Breakdown
  19. Separation Programme Level 3 – Weekly Material Breakdown


Advertising, Letters and other start up documents


This section includes sample posters for advertising, letters for schools to inform parents of what the programme is and other helpful documents for advertising.

You can edit and amend some documents to include your centres name etc and to include local information.

Simply click on the text below to open and download the documents.

You may find it useful to save these documents.

  1. Editable Poster for Advertising
  2. Sample Press Release for publishable advertising
  3. Editable letter for parents in schools about Rainbows
  4. Sample response for parents on waiting list
  5. Information for posting on your Programme Centre Website


Order Forms

Orders must be placed on a Monday by 1pm to be processed and ready for delivery by 1pm on Tuesday. 

Orders received after this time, will be process for delivery the following week. 

We ask that you allow 2 weeks before programme start date to allow for holidays and postal issues.

Order can be placed by email or post. Orders will not be processed or delivered during school holidays.

  1. Rainbows Order Form 2020



Participant Application Forms 2019


Participant application forms are updated regularly. It is important to check in here each time before you start a new programmes to ensure that you have the correct and most up to date application form.

Note re Separation Application form: Please allow 10 working days for parents/guardians to return the letter of presumed consent.

  1. Expression of Interest Form
  2. Separation Application Form Sept 2019
  3. Bereavement Application Form Sept 2019


Attendance and Sign In/Out Records


This section includes forms for recording attendance of various activities within Rainbows. Please note all records of attendance are to be stored with Centre Director at programme end.

Do not return these attendance forms to Rainbows Ireland National Office, they are stored with Centre Director following programme completion. 

  1. Parent Information meeting attendance record
  2. Facilitator Attendance at Formation Meeting
  3. Facilitator Attendance at Debriefing Meeting
  4. Group Weekly Attendance Record  (stored in Facilitator box on a weekly basis and returned to Coordinator at programme end)
  5. Parent weekly Sign In/Our record  (Coordinator maintains this and stores with all other documents at programme end



Forms, Reports and Programme End Procedure


In this section we have included any forms you may need for certain circumstances eg accidents, recording conversations with parents, reports to Programme Centre Board of Management and Claim forms for some costs incurred in running the programme.

  1. Record of calls/meeting with parents
  2. Report for Programme Centre Board of Management
  3. Parental Contact form – to be submitted to National Office by email to  after week 3 – information is gathered from page 2 on participant application forms
  4. Parent Evaluation Form
  5. Siblings in a Rainbows group form – to be signed by parents and guardians in event were siblings are in the same group.
  6. Claim form for Programme Costs -up to €100
  7. Receipt for donations received
  8. Accident Report form
  9. Report  – needs not being met  – to be completed should a child be removed from group

When Rainbows programme is completed, store all paperwork with Centre Director .

Only return:

  1. Group evaluations and
  2. Parent evaluations. 

to  Rainbows Ireland National Office by post -Rainbows Ireland, Loreto Centre, Crumlin Road, Dublin 12.