Rainbows Secondary Level

Rainbows Secondary School

Secondary School Programmes 

The programme has been updated and is now available to secondary school aged children. As with the Primary Programme, there is a separate programme for each of the losses, separation/divorce and bereavement. The Second Level programme is suitable for young people from First year to Transition year.

There is now 1 level to the Secondary School Programme:

Rainbows Level 4: 1st year to Transition Year

There are 9 weeks in the Second level Programme

Week 1 – Myself

Week 2 – Feelings

Week 3 – Family

Week 4 – Change

Week 5 – Anger

Week 6 – Difficult Feelings

Week 7 – Coping (Part 1)

Week 8 – Coping (Part 2)

Week 9 – Closing Week