Rainbow Secondary Level

Secondary School Programmes 

The programme is available to secondary school aged children. Currently there is one programme for both losses, but losses are not mixed in groups. The Second Level programme is suitable for young people from First year to Senior years.
Rainbows Ireland are currently working on updating our Second Level Programme.

There are currently 3 levels to the Second Level Programme:

Level 1 – 1st and 2nd Year

Level 2 – 3rd and 4th Year

Level 3 – 5th and 6th Year

There are 12 weeks in the Second level Programme

Week 1 – One of a Kind, Me – Myself

Week 2 – Inside Out, Feelings

Week 3 – Why my Family? Blame, Guilt, Shame

Week 4 – Making the pieces fit, Coping Skills

Week 5 – Blow ups and let downs, Anger and Hurt, Coping Skills

Week 6 – Facing fears and worries, Anger and Hurt

Week 7 – We are a family, Families are all different

Week 8 – Where do I fit in? Belonging, Who am I now?

Week 9 – The Stepfamily

Week 10 – Endings and Beginnings

Week 11 – Weathering the storm

Week 12 – Reaching out to others