Rainbows is a dedicated free service for children and young people

We help those affected by loss because of bereavement, separation or divorce. Our service is available in local communities throughout Ireland.

How is it done?

Rainbows is a 12 week programme usually delivered 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after Christmas or over a 12 week period generally during the school year when children and young people are available to attend.

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Why we do it

Children like adults do experience grief and loss – it is often misunderstood and not recognised. Grief and loss not supported at a young age can become deep and unresolved in a young mind and heart and can affect future pathways to emotional and positive health and well-being.

Where is Rainbows available?

Rainbows Ireland provides the training, programme and resources to volunteers who provide Rainbows in their local communities mainly schools, family resource centres, parish centres and youth projects

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How much does it cost?

Rainbows is a free service. We are funded by the Family Support Agency.

Can anyone set up the Rainbows service?

No one individual can set up Rainbows. Rainbows can only be set up under strict guidelines and procedures in centres that have particular management structures and insurances.

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How can I access Rainbows for my child?

Rainbows is available in schools, family resource centres, youth projects and parish centres. Rainbows is a limited voluntary service. It is not therapy, professional counselling or clinical professional support (If a child is attending other professional services permission must be sought for them to attend Rainbows).

Rainbows is a listening service for children and young people struggling to come to terms with significant loss and change in their lives. Please click here to see if it is available in your area

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